His songs, his health, his wife Nicole… What happens to the singer?

The Italian-Belgian singer is the guest of A Sunday in the countryside, January 8, 2022 at 4:55 p.m. The opportunity to reflect on his sixty years of career and his personal life. His songs, his wife Nicole, his daughter Amélie, where does he live… Find out what becomes of Salvatore Adamo in 2023?

Born November 1, 1943 in Comiso, Sicily, the 79-year-old French-speaking singer left Italy in 1947 when his father started working in the mines in Belgium. The Adamo family then moved to Jemappes in Mons. In 1960, when he was only 17, Salvatore Adamo took part in a singing competition organized by Radio Luxembourg and won first place in Paris.. He releases his first 45 rpm but the success is not there for the Italian-Belgian, who even thinks of stopping everything. “That’s when my father, who didn’t agree with my choice, shook me up saying that I hadn’t done all that to give up, and he went and knocked on the right door.“, he tells The cross in February 2018.

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What are Salvatore Adamo’s songs?

When his father takes over and becomes his manager, Salvatore Adamo begins a successful career. In 1963, Without you my lovereveals it to the general public. Then, he connects the tubes:

  • The snow falls1964
  • May you, sir?1964
  • girls by the sea1965
  • My hands on your hips1965
  • It’s my life1975

In October 1966, he released Insha’Allah, just a few months before the Six Day War broke out in 1967 and the title is controversial. He explains to Point in 2014 : “I was proud when I wrote it, but I started to fear Inch’Allah when I was told that the Israeli soldiers were singing it. I realized that I had put my finger on a problem“. The Arab countries then reproach him for an Israeli position. In 1993, the singer changed the lyrics.

What becomes of Salvatore Adamo?

At 79, the French-speaking singer does not stop. His latest album, titled If you knewwas released in 2018 and also released a single in December 2022, called Clear. A new album is also planned for January 27, 2023.. From January 20, 2023, Salvatore Adamo begins a series of concerts around the world: Spain, Turkey, France, Canada, Belgium… A year that promises to be rich in travel for the artist.

Who is Salvatore Adamo’s wife?

The singer has been married since 1969 to Nicolethe one and only woman in his life, or almost. In 54 years of marriage, the couple has gone through difficult trials, such as the extramarital affair of Salvatore Adamo. But this one is full of praise for his wife, in 2013, he tells Gala that the strength of their relationship lies in Nicole’s goodwill. “If we have been together for so long, it is to Nicole that the credit goes. She accepted many things… And in particular my daughter Amélie...”, he explains.

In addition to forgiving her infidelity, she integrated her daughter into her family. In the same interview, he says:Since my second health problem, in 2004, Amélie has the right to come to my house, and that is very important to me. For the past three years she has been vacationing with her brothers in the South of France where we have a property. The fact that she is accepted into my family has helped me a lot.“.

Who are Salvatore Adamo’s children?

With his wife, Nicole, the artist had two sons, Anthonyborn in 1969 and Benjaminborn in 1980. After serious health problems in 2004, his daughter born from an extra-marital relationship in 1979, Amelie, made his appearance. For nearly nine years, Salvatore Adamo maintained a “real relationship“, as he explains to Gala in 2013, with Annette Dahl, a former German model.

In 2013, to our colleagues from Galahe confides in the careers of his children, he says: “Antony, the eldest (…), is a pilot, my daughter, Amélie (…), recorded a song with me. She is settled in London, like Benjamin, my youngest (…). All have found the path that makes them happy“.

Where does Salvatore Adamo live?

The native Italian lives in Belgium. In March 2020, after the start of the first confinement, he reassured his fans through an interview with the daily West France.I’m doing well. I am at home, in Belgium“, he declared. Two years earlier, during an interview with our colleagues from the Echoes, he confided in his life in his country of heart. He then specified thathe lives in Uccle, a bilingual municipality in the Brussels-Capital region. I live 500 meters from the forest. I’m going for a walk with George, my Labrador Golden Retriever (to get some air, Editor’s note)”, he explained.

The singer has had several health issues throughout his career. In 1984, he suffered a heart attack.when he was only 41 years old. In 2004, his health deteriorated and he suffered a stroke. after falling into a coma. To take care of himself, he makes the decision to slow down the pace of the concerts. He was again hospitalized in 2009 and had to undergo a rest cure when he left the hospital.

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