his widow Kinou Ferrari is dead

Jacqueline Monestier, known as Kinou Ferrari, the widow of Nino Ferrer, died at the age of 74 on March 17, her family said. Who was the wife of this immense figure of French Chanson?

Kinou Ferrari, the widow of Nino Ferrer, who lived more than 20 years without her husband, made his last breath on March 17. Jacqueline Monestier, her real name, is dead at 74. His family told the World: “Pierre and Arthur, Erica, Marcus and Margot, Augustin, Romane, Félix and all the family, his loved ones, have the immense pain to inform you of the sudden death of Kinou Ferrer, née Monestier, wife of Nino Ferrer, which occurred on 17 March 2022 in Toulouse“. A “cremation ceremony” must take place March 24 in Montauban, in the intimacy.

Death of Kinou Ferrari: his life with Nino Ferrer

In 1967, Agostino Arturo Maria Ferrari said Nino Ferrer, is 33 years old. A complex and tortured man, passionate about jazz and archeology, he enjoyed success with humorous hits like Mirza, The Telephone Where Oh ! Hey ! Eh ! Good !but dreams of more sensitive and romantic projects, in her image.

Soon to be a singer-songwriter with more than 200 titles, he hired Jacqueline Monestier, known as “Kinou”, a 20-year-old young woman, as a personal assistant. She sets up her office in the apartment of Nino Ferrer’s parents… The singer’s couple is floundering… and the professional tandem becomes a love duo.

Nino -born in Genoa in 1934- and Kinou settle at Rome in 1969… but it is in the suburbs of Paris that rocktheir first child was born in 1973. After his Italian exile, Nino Ferrer settled in 1977 in the town of Montcuqin the Lot with his beloved, that he wife in Saint-Cyprien. Together they become parents of another boynamed arthur. Far from the hustle and bustle of Paris, the couple recharge their batteries and Nino Ferrer devotes himself to painting.

On August 13, 1998, the lead singer of Sud and Pickles commits suicide with a gunshot in a field where he enjoyed the view of the Quercy region. For the 20th anniversary of his disappearance, in 2018, his wife brings out his works and the objects that have marked his life for a exhibition dedicated to the actor, Nino Ferrer, once upon a time the man.

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