Historical duos in urban music include a significant group of Dominicans

Santo Domingo. DR

Puerto Rico records a large number of duos in urban music, but the Dominican Republic has a significant number of musical duos that were popular at the time.

Before reggaeton music was popular, urban music has in its history the duo formed by Sandy and Papo, that hit in the 90s. Later would come Los Pepe, Los Teke Teke, Jhon Distrito and Chombo Pana Black, Confucio and Boperó, Los Pachuché, Los Pikilao, Mr Manyao and El H2, among others.

In 1999 the life of Sandy Adalberto Carriello Rojas (1972-2020) turned upside down when his inseparable friend Luis Deschamps (Papo) died in a car accident that year.

At that time, Sandy and Papo formed the most powerful duo of merenhouse and urban music in all of Latin America. They debuted with the song “It’s time to dance” and quickly became the idols of youth.

So strong was his punch that four months earlier he had closed the famous festival of Viña del Mar, in Chile, with a success that promised him a career of extraordinary stability on the international level.

The duo was an icon of merengue house, a mixture of electronic music, hip hop and electronic mambo, it was one of the most successful musical genres exported from Central America, with artists such as Proyecto Uno, Los Ilegales and Fulanito standing out.

Sandy then decided to live in New York City, where he continued alone with the Sandy y Papo La Marca project.

On December 23, 2020, Sandy also passed away from a sudden heart attack.

Years later the second most popular duo in this country: Los Pepe, made up of Doble T and El Crock, who remained together for 15 years, until in March 2019 they announced the definitive separation.

In 2012 Los Pepe popularized the song “Pepe”, which reached high levels of popularity in the country.

Los Pepe have to their credit being the first dembowseros to go on tour to the United States, to participate in the now-defunct “Sábado Gigante” program on the Univisión network, the first to be nominated for the Casandra (now Soberano), and to appear on US Billboard magazine.

“Last year (2018) Double T and I sat down to talk, and we said: -well, it’s time for everyone to launch their separate project because the moment merits it musically”, commented El Crock.

“Every beginning has its end,” El Crock assured in 2019 on the radio program “Alofoke radio show.”

Then he added: “I didn’t want this to ever happen, but it should have happened at any time because that’s what music is.”

Already in 2015 they had a first problem. “We were going to separate. We know how to keep things low profile, we solve everything quietly, “they commented at the time.

The most recent case of the formation of an urban duo, and separation, is that of Three years ago, the Teke Teke separated leaving their fans with many questions.

Los Teke Teke was made up of Carlitos Wey and Crazy Design, who before separating in 2016 composed songs that contained contagious rhythms. Dominicans remember his songs “El Teke Teke”, “El lambón” and “Hasta a ti te doy”.

There have been several separations suffered in the local movement. Among other notables, it is worth mentioning Musicologist and Jey, Confucius and Boperó, Mindalo MZ3 and El Desorden (Los Pachuché), who achieved a space in the genre and remained for history.

One of the pioneering duos of local urban music was formed by Jhon Distrito and Chombo Pana Black, Known as the Indestructible Duo for songs like “Tú ta cabin” and “Patá volara”.

In 2010 the duo Mr Manyao (Rafael Céspedes) and H2 (Hamlet Betances) emerged, who gained ground with their music that invaded nightclubs and some stations that broadcast urban themes.

In addition to Latin communities in the United States, the artistic duo Mr Manyao and El H2 even positioned themselves in South American countries such as Chile, which were the first Dominican urban exponents of their type of music to appear and promote themselves in that nation.

“The Tears are Finished” and “Amiga Cerveza” are part of their urban proposal that includes dembow, hip hop, reggaeton and merenhouse.

The local movement also includes the Pikilao, known today as the Chamaquitos del Millero, a duo made up of Sany Eliezer Díaz and Alexander Cabral. His songs include “Bailo” and “Chamaquito tranquil”.