Hit in the face by a man, Karine Vanasse reacts on social networks

Karine Vanasse experienced an incident a few days ago that led her to talk about mental health on social networks.

As she entered a shop, she was punched in the face by a stranger, which obviously must have surprised and shocked her on the spot.

But it was the sequel that was important to her.

On her Instagram account, she writes: I was going into a shop, in broad daylight, I met an individual there who was coming out and who hit me in the face, for absolutely no reason. The police will unfortunately tell me that I was not the only one to have experienced this kind of incident with him. »

A clinician at a mental health intervention center chose these words to address her next: I wanted to hear directly from you what happened so I could find ways to help this man who seems to be in pain. »

She adds : ” I had some great books in my hands this week, but what I took the time to hear around me from complete strangers reminded me how beautiful, reassuring, moving. »

The actress always has inspiring words on her social networks, even when the situation is dramatic.

Remember that we were able to see this one in a punchy role in the series Before the crash this fall, one of our favourites.

Source- https://showbizz.net/stars/frappee-au-visage-par-un-homme-karine-vanasse-reagit-sur-les-reseaux-sociaux