Hit star Michelle robbed on vacation

The singer’s trip to Spain was overshadowed by an incident. On a trip with her dog, Michelle fell victim to brazen thieves.

Michelle is currently taking a break from the stage. The pop singer travels through southern Spain with her dog in a mobile home. On Instagram she has already shared some impressions from sunny Andalusia with her around 110,000 followers. Now, however, , let , fans participate in a less pleasant holiday experience. “You don’t believe it, I’m with the police,” Michelle announced in her story and reviewed the reason for the visit to the police station for the camera.

“I was standing in front of my car, I had the sliding door open because my dog ​​Maggy was outside on a leash. I was standing at the door when someone came and asked me what kind of beautiful and sweet dog that was,” she says 50-year-old But while Michelle was talking to the alleged animal lover, “someone opens the driver’s door and I didn’t notice it,” says the singer.The thieves were after her handbag, the dog Maggy had simply had to serve as a distraction.

Michelle initially didn’t notice anything about the theft. “I was just wondering why the guy spoke so loudly, the reason was simply because he wanted to drown out his accomplice, who stole my bag from the car on the other side,” she later said to “Bild”. A truck driver drew the singer’s attention to the incident and accompanied her to the police as a witness. “I was told at the precinct that this distraction theft is a popular trick among thieves in the area. It’s a gang of crooks known to the police.”

The loss hurts: “I had almost 1,000 euros in it, that was my entire travel budget,” says Michelle. Despite everything, she was glad that nothing else happened, because “according to the police, they don’t shy away from violence,” she explained. “I should be glad that they didn’t get physical. Then they showed me photos of criminals and I immediately recognized the gangster in one of them.” Now the 55-year-old hopes that she will at least get her papers back.