Hitler salute video: Police intensify investigations into Melanie Müller

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Of: Claire Weiss

On September 17, Melanie Müller performed with the hooligan group “Rowdys Eastside”. Neo-Nazis yelled “Sieg Heil!” and stretched their right arms. The pop singer is also said to have shown the Hitler salute. But she defends herself and makes a statement.

Update 29.09., 9.45 a.m: After the appearance of a video on which Balleinmann star Melanie Müller allegedly shows the Hitler salute at a concert in Leipzig, the police are now intensifying the investigations against the 34-year-old: “We are aware of the new video, which is why we have expanded our investigations,” said a spokeswoman for the state police in Leipzig.

Allegedly only a “Zicke Zacke” with the right hand, so Müller

Meanwhile, the singer herself explains how the recordings should have come about. “I’ve been on stage for eleven years and I’ve been doing ‘Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke, hoi hoi hoi’ with my right hand and with my left hand. It was a shitty coincidence,” asserts the mother of two tag24.de. On Instagram, Müller announced that the last few days should not have passed her without a trace. “I’m physically pretty bad right now and will therefore withdraw a little for the next few days.”

First report from 28.09.: Leipzig – Yesterday (September 27, 2022) it became known that right-wing visitors to the marquee not only shouted “Sieg Heil” when Melanie Müller (34) performed in Leipzig on September 17, 2022, but also raised their right arm in a Hitler salute. The pop singer is said to have stopped the concert a short time later when she realized what was going on. Now a new video of the evening has appeared – it paints a completely different picture of what happened.

Eight times: Melanie Müller raises her arm in the Hitler salute video

The video that bild.de has is only 16 seconds long. But there are 16 seconds that could put an end to Melanie Müller’s career. You can see the pop singer standing in the middle of a crowd. She holds the microphone in her right hand and intones: “Ost, Ost, Ostdeutschland!” – a battle cry from the football scene.

The crowd joins in and loudly chants “Ostdeutschland”, while Melanie Müller switches the microphone to her left hand. The right hand, which is now free, moves a total of eight times in the direction of the tent ceiling: for the forbidden Hitler salute. According to Section 86a of the Criminal Code, this is unconstitutional in Germany and is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years or a fine.

Melanie Müller denies the Hitler salute

The video could have severe consequences for the former jungle camp winner. Because according to image information, the police have already gotten wind of it and want to investigate the case. Melanie Müller, however, denies that her arm movement is the Hitler salute: “I’ve been on stage for 11 years and always do these hand movements. Not from a right-wing extremist background, but zig-zag-zig-zag, exactly the way I do it there.”

“These malicious claims also affect my substance,” the singer wrote on Instagram. She was physically and mentally stricken and therefore wanted to withdraw from the public for a while. Just a few days ago, Melanie Müller made headlines when it became known that the pop singer had suffered a stroke. She discharged herself after just one day in the hospital. Sources used: bild.de, twitter.com, bundestag.de