Home Alone Kevin: THAT is Macaulay Culkin’s real name

For many it is probably THE Christmas classic par excellence. “Kevin – home alone” flickers across German screens every year during the Christmas season. Leading actor Kevin McCallister became world famous with the role at a young age. However, few people know what Macaulay Culkin’s real name is. The actor wanted to change that a few years ago. But because he didn’t seem to have enough ideas, he trusted his followers.

In a vote on the Internet, fans could vote for their favorite version of the new middle name. What came out of it, not many know.

Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin: THAT is his middle name

The reason why he suddenly changed his middle name, he explains in an interview with Jimmy Fallon: “I’ve been staring at my passport and stuff lately, and I missed my middle name – my current middle name is Carson,” he explained. “And I thought maybe I should brush up on my name a bit.”

On Christmas Day 2018, he then solemnly announced the result on Twitter. His middle name is his first and last name. The de facto name of the actor is Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.

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Kevin – alone at home: fans celebrate the action

Many of his fans are celebrating the new name of the Kevin – home alone stars. But there are also isolated voices of disappointment that have opted for other variants. He comments: “It should have been Macaulay Kevin McCallister Culkin!”. She refers to the name of the main character from the Christmas classics.

The actor legally changed his middle name in 2019. As he later explained, the process took longer than he had thought.

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