Home turns against Prince Andrew

The second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II has already lost his honorary military title – his mother took it from him, allegedly by mutual consent. He’s also rid of the term “Royal Highness”. But the pressure mounts for Andrew to return all awards and burn royal bridges to actually face a likely civil trial as a perfectly normal citizen.

The focus here is primarily on the northern English city of York, the namesake of his title Duke of York, to which his mother appointed him on the occasion of his marriage in 1986. First, a city council called for Andrew to be stripped of the traditional designation. Now the well-known horse race “Duke of York Stakes” wants to change its name. “It was never directly about Prince Andrew,” said the racecourse’s marketing director James Brennan, the newspaper “Yorkshire Post”. Therefore, the historical reference should be made clearer. “The name refers to a very different Duke of York.”