“Honestly, there will be no other girlfriend of the World Cup”: Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme reappears and proclaims herself saying that there will be no one to surpass her | People | Entertainment

Larissa Riquelme is a Paraguayan model, actress and host. She was known as “The Girlfriend of the World Cup” when the soccer competition was held in South Africa in 2010.

Surely, after that appearance you lost track of the Paraguayan. Or, perhaps the last thing you heard from her was because he supported her partner, the footballer Jonathan Fabbrowhen he was convicted in 2019 of child abuse.

The beginnings of Larissa Riquelme in acting

Her career began in 2005, when she participated in various beauty pageants and reality shows. And her appearance was very different from hers now: before she used blonde hair and was somewhat more demure.

In 2010, she rose to fame almost by chance, when she was photographed in a photograph celebrating Paraguay’s goal against Italy. Her voluptuous curves, and the cell phone she carried on her breasts caught everyone’s attention, and not just in the football stadium at the time.

According to Vía País, Larissa then promised that if the Paraguayan team won the cup, she would pose naked. And although the first did not happen, she did fulfill the second and posed without clothes for a Playboy magazine production. In addition, she also participated in various advertising campaigns.

However, his goal was to transcend Paraguayan borders, and he achieved it in 2011, when a Peruvian brand paid him to be the face of their beer.

Larissa Riquelme prepares to return

Today, the 37-year-old Paraguayan model and actress works with different brands and companies where she is the main face, or has a commercial alliance with them.

In his Instagram account he has more than 1 million 500 thousand followers, and he defines himself as a “professional artist and model”. In addition, in her biography she mentions Telefuturo, one of the most important television networks in her country, and also “Baila conmigo Paraguay”, which is the local version of the well-known Argentine format.

Recently, the beautiful young woman was interviewed for Zero magazine and there she recalled her appearance at the 2010 World Cup, saying that there is always a tradition of getting a fan who steals the public’s affection, quoted Milenio.

For the model, there will be no other that surpasses her, as she stated openly and without trace of modesty. “Honestly, there will never be another girlfriend (of the World Cup) and another Larissa Riquelme. I marked a before and after on a global level”, she clarified.

Although he did not want to give many details, he announced that he will return to the small screen: “It will be a new program that will go live, where we will enjoy a lot and be with incredible people,” he said as the only advance.

“It is something pending and I feel that I am more than prepared. I like challenges and the only thing I can say is that very nice things are coming, there is little left for them to find out, “he promised as part of the new surprises that he brings for 2022, mentioned the Hoy portal. (AND)

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