House for sale: the former participants of the show send a tender message to Stéphane Plaza (ZAPTV)

Friday January 6, on the occasion of the 100th episode, the former participants of the show sent a tender message to Stéphane Plaza. A nice attention that particularly moved the host and Sophie Ferjani, his accomplice.

Since 2007, Stéphane Plaza and his team have been helping owners struggling to sell their property. After 15 years of success and 200 properties visited, the program House for sale celebrates its 100th episode on M6. In an interview given to TV Starthe most famous real estate agent in France returned to the recipe for this success: We constantly question ourselves. I work a lot but I am also learning to delegate. When you bring new blood to the show, viewers don’t expect it and it feels good. We open up so as not to lock ourselves in the same straight line”, he explained. “I always remain natural. JI am a gemini, there are two men in me. I have a relaxed spirit that serves me a lot. In ‘House for sale’, sellers must detach themselves from their house. A page turns so I have to make them laugh while working and then find a solution to sell. Money is the heart of this show.”added Karine Le Marchand’s best friend.

Former participants thank Stéphane Plaza for his work

Friday, January 6, on the occasion of the 100th episode, the former participants wanted to send a message to Stéphane Plaza. Thanks to the facilitator and his valuable advice, they were able to change their lives. “It’s been almost ten years since we did the show. We were able to repay the debts that our dad had incurred”explained for example Delphine and Julien, who participated in the show in 2013. After watching these moving testimonies, Sophie Ferjani was unable to hold back her tears: “It makes me too happy, frankly it’s adorable”she explained. “You see all these people, we are a bit part of their family. Even if we don’t always have news, they don’t forget us”, added Stéphane Plaza. A nice sequence.