Household scenes: Claire Chust (Leslie) cash on her relationship with Vinnie Dargaud (Léo) in real life

Since 2009, Scenes of households has enjoyed uninterrupted success and continues to renew itself. Fanny Cottençon and Didier Benureau interpret the new couple Christine and Gilbert who will make their appearance on January 23rd. The series depicts couples of various ages in their daily lives.

Confidences of Claire Chust

M6 organized a special prime time evening dedicated to the series this Tuesday. Valérie Karsenti and Claire Chust, who respectively play Liliane and Leslie since the first and tenth seasons, were invited to the show Buzz TV, Figaro. They discussed their roles, the impact of the series on their careers and their private lives.

For five years, it is she who plays the role of Leslie in the series M6. About her relationship in real life with her partner of comedy, Vinnie Dargaud, she made some confidences. She declared all her friendship for the actor who plays Leo and did not hesitate to share indiscretions about him.

A beautiful friendship with Vinnie Dargaud

Claire Chust stresses the importance of her artistic encounter with this partner. She shares films, anecdotes and other ideas and she admits that she will not live a thousand similar encounters in her career.

Explaining his attachment to playing with Vinnie, she says, “When I’m on other projects or in other places, I’m constantly looking for Vinnie’s rhythm. I’m so used to playing with him, there is a fluidity that is created which is very pleasant and which allows you to build many things. »

Valérie Karsenti addressed her future in the series by declaring: “I do what I want and I welcome this freedom. I can refuse whatever I want and I love it! Who has this chance? And besides, I have fun”. Despite moments where she believed she was reaching her limits, the actress worked with the production to reduce the number of shooting days. She is now reassured, because she and the production have found a clever solution. “I’m here for now,” she said, happy to interpret Liliane for M6.

Scenes de Ménages is a series from M6 that follows the misadventures of six couples with very distinct characters. The series shows us the ups and downs they encounter on a daily basis, highlighting their differences and their qualities. We can follow, for example, Huguette and Raymond are an elderly couple who have gone through many hardships. Despite their age, they are still full of energy and spirit, and their love does not waver.