How about we meet? : Nathan reveals his meager salary for the show

The second season of How about we meet? continues, every Monday, on M6. While the show brings together a large number of fans, Nathan, the program’s young candidate, made some revelations in TVMagazine.

A romance at cost. Monday, April 25, 2022, in How about we meet? (M6), the faithful of the show were able to discover the meeting, in physics, between Nathan and Imogen, Australian. The two young people, respectively 18 and 19 years old, have been talking together for three years on social networks. The filming of this meeting was held in February 2022, as revealed TVMagazine. As a reminder, one of the participants of the show had been accused of being an actress. In an interview with this magazine, Nathan returned to the origin of this meeting. “I went into this without knowing anything about the show, I had never watched it. I had never done TV before and only signed up with good intentions when I discovered the casting announcement”he reveals.

Unfortunately, this sequence was criticized by viewers for two reasons. The first, they accused the young teenagers of having met before. The second, the words of the young man caused controversy when he asked Imogen to repeat sentences in French like “I would like to pick you up”. “They only kept these sentences in French and Imogen’s destabilized reactions in English, as if I was playing her in a language she didn’t understand. She came across as an idiot when in reality , I systematically translated my remarks to him and we laughed about it together because we were accomplices of this humor”, explained the young man. For her part, Imogen confirmed to TVMagazine felt no discomfort.

What end for the romance?

Beyond his time on the show, it is now the interview with young Nathan that is controversial. Indeed, while the question was not put to him directly, the young man evokes the salary of the candidates. “It was an opportunity to be able to meet while being paid and remunerated. The production paid for everything: Imogen’s return trip from Sweden (where the young woman is studying, editor’s note) to Paris and hotel nights”, reveals the Nantes candidate. On his side, TVMagazine add that the candidates are remunerated up to 85 euros. The reactions are often strong on social networks. For example, humiliated by Tuan, Dalila was invited to TPMP to decrypt the sequence.

Anyway, while Nathan claims to have participated in this show “for a friendly meeting with no intention of going further”then recognizes that “things got hectic”. In the columns of TVMagazinehe reveals that “It was Imogen who really took the first step by telling me that I was the only guy she could have a serious relationship with. It was after that that our discussion turned to seduction”. Is the romance still relevant? “Everyone is going their own way now: she has a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend and we talk a lot less since this experience. We are still on good terms, but there is nothing sentimental between us anymore. “, announces the young student. The end of a story which will nevertheless have made it possible to bring two individuals closer together… more than 15,000 km apart.