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In nineteen ninety sixthe young venezuelan Alice Machado was crowned the most beautiful on the planet when she triumphed in the international contest miss Universe. His reign has been one of the most remembered in the history of the beauty contestsince it was severely marked for having won weight during his first year with the title. The harshest criticism was issued by the contest’s then owner, donald trumpformer president of USA.

Why did Donald Trump force Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996, to do exercises in front of the television cameras?

While the former president promised the world that Alicia would look like the same woman who initially won the contest, the 20-year-old model was forced to train a series of exercises in front of the cameras to demonstrate your commitment to lose between “50 to 60 pounds” that he had won, according to Trump in an infamous press conference together with the beauty queen.

“I weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds (53 kg) and went up to 160 or 170 (72 kg to 77 kg),” the Republican had expressed. “So this is someone who likes to eat.”

In 2016 Alicia Machado recalled that the experience “it was very humiliating. I felt really bad, like a lab rat. It had become a circus the joke of ‘La Gorda Miss Universe’”. She also said that the episode caused her “a lot of pain” and that she later fell “sick with eating disorders.” “I wasn’t eating, and I still looked fat, because a powerful man said so.”

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Unfortunately, this was not the last episode in which the Venezuelan has seen her figure criticized, or in other words, has been the subject of body shaming (the act of being shamed by the appearance of your body). After Machado’s statements 7 years ago, Trump himself continued to defend her criticism: “She was the winner, and she gained a lot of weight, and it was a real problem.”

Twenty years after this experience in Miss Universe, that is, in 2017, the figure of Alicia was judged again. This time, the prejudices did not come from a powerful person, but from ordinary citizens who give their opinion on social networks.

Alicia Machado had walked the red carpet at some Latino awards in a red lace jumpsuit. The former beauty queen shared the moment on her social media and her post was flooded with comments about her weight.

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“As a public figure, in my opinion, you are overweight. Those clothes don’t fit him well,” said one of Machado’s supporters. Another wrote: “You look chubby. I don’t know if it’s your underwear, but the extra kilos are noticeable”.

On this occasion, the former model was not intimidated by criticism or needed a third party to defend her. What’s more, Alicia did not try to deny that she had gained weight and rather she attributed it to her acting career.

“And I still have another 5 pounds to gain to look even fatter for the next character I play,” she wrote in response to one of the comments.

Alicia Machado and her best moments as Miss Universe

Miss Venezuela 1995 celebrated the New Year 2023 in Rome, Italy. In the photos of her, she boasted to her fans of a few days off in the European capital. In addition, she realized the happiness that overwhelms her and that she hopes to maintain throughout the year.

“A walk through the streets of Rome on the first day of this 2023. Happy to know the history and human quality of its people, where time stops to make us reflect that the most important thing is not a language or a social position, how important it is that we are all equal and children of God. Your essence, your nobility of heart, that really makes us different and unique. Happy New Year… Happy and Prosperous New Year,” Machado wrote on his Instagram account. (AND)