How and where to see full episodes of Leandro Díaz from RCN

Night after night, the bioseries of the composer Leandro Díaz, broadcast by Canal RCN, has captivated thousands of Colombians, who In addition to enjoying Silvestre Dangond’s acting and vocal talent, they enjoy the minstrel’s love story.

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Leandro Díaz’s life story is full of music, dramatic moments, but also other happy ones. Despite not having had a happy childhood full of affection from Onofre, his father, Leandro has shown, with his story, that obstacles can be turned into great opportunities. His desire to see the world and be recognized led him to become a great composer in Vallenato lands, thanks to the accompaniment he received as a child from his aunt Erotida, a character played by Aída Bossa.

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Today, in the series, Despite the love he declaims towards Matilde Lina, Leandro is married to Clementina, with whom he has two children, Óscar and Ivo. On the other hand, due to the poor relationship he has with his brother Arturo, a character played by Mario Espitia, the composer had to leave San Diego and left, as he is in danger there.

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Where can I see the chapters of Leandro Díaz?

The RCN Channel, through its social networks and its television commercials, has communicated to all viewers and followers of Leandro Díaz that To relive all the episodes of the composer’s bionovela that have been broadcast to date, you can go to or also on the ‘Prime Video’ streaming platform.