How did Edgar Baena and Kate del Castillo meet?

The relationship between Kate del Castillo and the director of photography Édgar Baena surprised the press and the fans of the actress, since they had not seen her with a partner for a long time.

According to information provided by the TVNotas medium, which published the first images of the new couple kissing, both would have met during the recordings of the third season of “La Reina del Sur”, the successful series in which she stars.

However, at first the artist and the filmmaker were very good friends, but they spent so many hours together that the bond changed until it became what they have today. According to a friend of Kate’s, none of them intend to hide and that is why they allow themselves to be captured by the cameras without problems.

In the past, del Castillo was involved in conflicts that took on national relevance in Mexico, mainly because of her alleged friendship with drug trafficker El Chapo Guzmán, although she reiterated several times that this was not the case and that the only intention she had when she approached he was making a documentary.