How did Thalia look young?

Thalía captured the public’s attention since she was a young actress and starred in “María, la del Barrio”, the soap opera that became a success in 1995 and continues to be valid today. At that time, the Mexican woman had long hair, wore little makeup (due to the character she played) and wore tight dresses.

Two years later, Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda (as she is actually called) began to make her way in music and when she released the song “Amyou” the public saw a woman with a toned body and who was encouraged to appear in a bikini and even dance with Julio Iglesias, who acts in the video clip.

When she sang the hit “Between the Sea and a Star” Camila Sodi’s aunt was already a consecrated artist and by that time her hair was still very long and curly, although the outfits she chose now were more sober, made up of dresses and sets of two pieces.

With the song Cerca de Ti, Tommy Mottola’s wife showed a more mature stage and also wanted her videos to show a little of her new life in the United States. Her hair tied back and her leather coats were here to stay.

Currently, the interpreter continues to have an active life and exercises daily to maintain her health in optimal conditions.

And every new project that she takes on, Laura Zapata’s sister shares it with her almost twenty million Instagram followers, who are happy about it.