How did young Itatí Cantoral look?

Itatí Cantoral has an acting career of more than thirty years, through which she has played different characters that made her known throughout America.

In 1990 the artist had her first opportunity with the telenovela Muchachitas. She there she had long blonde hair, which she accompanied with a youthful dress and soft makeup.

Five years later, the most important opportunity of her life arrived for the Mexican when she was chosen to put herself in the shoes of Soraya Montenegro in the telenovela María, la del Barrio. The evil that characterized this woman made her wear short, dark-colored hair.

The scene known as “The Cursed Cripple” was and is to this day one of the most remembered by the public. In fact, every time Cantoral appears, they ask him to try again to imitate the phrases and gestures that he did in the past.

Currently, the artist continues to impress her fans with a sober but sexy style. She wears body-hugging garments, has semi-long dark brown hair and almost always opts for strong makeup, highlighting her eyes and lips.

Her over two million Instagram followers praise her with every new post and appreciate the unique photos she shares with them daily.