“How envious that you are his wife”, Cynthia Rodríguez unleashes jealousy by detailing her wedding with Carlos Rivera – New Woman

Cynthia Rodriguez confirmed what for weeks was speculation, and that is that she did marry Carlos Rivera during your trip.

The singer returned to the show Come on La Alegría, of which she was the driver, just to say goodbye, because he made it clear that he will dedicate to his personal projects.

It was there that he revealed some details of her wedding with Carlos Rivera, and her visit to Pope Francis at the Vatican with the photo that went viral and gave so much to talk about.

Cynthia Rodríguez gives details of her wedding with Carlos Rivera

Cynthia made it clear that she is very happy, full, and living the best moment of her life with her husband, the most desired man in Mexico, Carlos Rivera.

“There are things that cannot be hidden and love and happiness are one of them. I married my husband, with Carlos Rivera (…) we are very discreet, we have always handled that very private personal part, “said the Mexican.

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About the wedding, he explained that it was all a dream. “It was the way it was meant to be, with the people it was meant to be at that time, and it was a dream, something very intimate. There were the families, our parents, “he said, unleashing jealousy in networks.

And it is that Carlos Rivera is one of the most desired men in Mexico, not only for his physical beauty, but also for his personality, and his great vocal talent.

“OMG, I envy that you are his wife”, “how I would like to be you right now”, “you finally married him, they make a beautiful couple”, “I am dying of love, they look so in love”, “the most envied woman of the planet”, and “may they be very happy”, were some of the reactions in networks.

Cynthia Rodríguez clarified that she is not pregnant and is very much in love

In addition, the famous, who has been in a relationship with Carlos for 6 years, but they have known each other for 17 years when they participated in The Academy, clarified that she is not pregnant, but their plans are to stay in state this year.

Regarding the meeting with Pope Francis, he made it clear that it was a very special moment for both of them.

“Being in front of the Pope was wonderful, but also receiving that blessing will accompany us for life, it was a beautiful moment, he gave us some super nice words. This photo that reflects the moment we are living, that the public knows that we are in the best stage of our lives, “he said.

And, in addition, she was more than in love with her now husband, Carlos Rivera. “I am with the most wonderful man that can exist in this world, I feel very lucky, I thank God, I feel full, I feel happy, accompanied, and supported.”

For his part, Carlos also dedicated some emotional words, in which he shows that she is the woman of his life.

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“Hello beautiful, I know this is a very important and special day for you. What comes is equally or even more important because it comes from the soul and the heart. I am proud of you, of your career, of what you have worked for, you are the best person in the world and you deserve all the best, very good things come and they all come from being closed, I love you”, said the singer.