how Harry Styles organized the teaser for his third album

The ex-singer of One Direction will release his third album on May 20, which he cleverly orchestrated the teasing on social networks and in the press.

His fans were right: Harry Styles is preparing a third solo album titled Harry’s House. In ambush for several weeks on social networks, the ex-singer of boy’s band One Direction will release this disc on May 20, which he cleverly orchestrated the teasing on social networks and in the press.

It all started last week, with the publication in several English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish or French newspapers of a strange advertisement representing in a naive style a lamp, a flowerpot or even an upside down door. Under the drawing, a mysterious legend: “You are at home” and a web address,

Difficult to know exactly how the fans made the link between these advertisements and their idol, which they expected the announcement of an album and a single. The graphic designer who signed the illustrations salutes in any case on his Instagram account “All Harry Styles fans who worked so hard to solve this riddle, you deserve spy degrees!”.

Since the filming of a clip, last February, in which the singer posed in a giant bed, around Buckingham and an article by Sun announcing, as of March 6, a new project, they were on the alert.

Clues hidden on the site, and the announcement of his participation in Coachella, also put them on the alert, and allowed them to establish that these were indeed advertisements for his next record. .

On the site youarehome was displayed the drawing of a door ajar on an image, modified every day. Feverish fans investigated and discovered that the published visuals were actually covers of famous books, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on nature or Spring Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami. Other visuals then appeared in the crack of the door: the planet Earth and an extract from a puzzle inspired by the Cavallini archives.

Fans are investigating

Accounts associated with this site have also been activated on Twitter, immediately followed by 343,000 subscribers, on Instagram (419,000 subscribers) and on TikTok (109,500 subscribers). The fans continuing their investigationsquickly made the connection to Harry Styles’ new project.

Fan theories were confirmed this Tuesday, March 22, when Harry Styles subscribed to these accounts. This Wednesday, the Briton formalized the news, confirming the title Harry’s House circulating on social media.

And he unveiled a release date, May 20, as well as a cover, where he poses in a room whose furniture is glued to the ceiling. The website is still active, and now links to an album trailer.

Soon the return to the cinema

Harry Styles has already released two albums since the end of boy band One Direction. The singer also became an actor, taking convincing first steps in Dunkirk, by Christopher Nolan.

Preview last year in The Eternalsthis year he will be in the cast of Don’t Worry Darlingthe new film by Olivia Wilde, and My Policeman, with Emma Corrin. In line to play Prince Eric in a live-action remake of The little Mermaidhe ultimately turned down the role.