how he reacted to clown vainazo after Yina Calderón’s pulla

Lina Tejeiro was one of the nominees for the India Catalina Awards who launched a striking phrase after her defeat, in the midst of a controversy in which she was involved in social networks.

The topic arose due to a comment he published after a criticism made by Yina Calderón, to which the “influencer” answered the actress harshly with a forceful phrase: “Don’t get involved in what doesn’t matter to you.”

Tejeiro reacted hours after that taunt with a publication in which, without making any reference to Calderón, she was smiling and also threw a vainazo through a video.

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Lina Tejeiro: how she reacted to the clown vainazo after Yina Calderón’s pulla

The actress appeared in a recording from her personal Instagram account, in which she has more than 9.1 million followers and which served her to leave a sarcastic message on the air.

“I think the Gasca lost a circus clown,” he said with a laugh, to which he added: “The joke tells itself,” while he continued laughing in the video.

Tejeiro continued laughing and launched a statement in which, without giving further explanations, he warned that he does not expect to give more importance to the situation in question.

“I can’t tell you the joke I’m laughing at because I’m not good at telling jokes and the joke is over. Let’s leave it like that, let’s not give it importance. The important thing is that the one who understood it, he understood it, ”she concluded.

These were the stories with which the actress, who was nominated for the India Catalina Awards in 2022, left a message, which was replicated by a user on her Twitter account.