how he revived his career after dedicating himself to his family

Biby Gaytán turned 51 this January 27, 2023 and she does so after reactivating her career.

The proof that Biby Gaytán is a star loved by the public is that, despite being away from the spotlight for years, people are still interested in learning about her, and in recent years she has successfully revived her career.

This January 27th he turned 51 years old, but it is still the same as in the 90s, when it was one of the top figures of Canal de Las Estrellas. He was part, even for a record, of the famous group Timbiriche. They trusted him to be part of another, like Paper Dolls, along with Ricky Martin.

She was also one of the darling protagonists of television, as she was in ‘Dos mujeres, un camino’, along with Erik Estrada and Laura León.

But he fell in love. She met Eduardo Capetillo in the offices where Biby went to cast to join Timbiriche. Recently, the actor confessed to his daughters Paulina and Alejandra that he was surprised by Gaytán’s beauty.

“The first time I saw your mother, I saw her because she came to do a casting to enter Timbiriche, I arrived at my office and saw your mother from behind in a jean miniskirt. There was a physical attraction there and I said: ‘What a beautiful woman’, because then I saw her face, her hair, her eyes and I said: ‘Wow! What a beautiful woman'”.

Fate brought them back together in the telenovela “Dance with me” in 1992 and by 1994, while she was already pregnant, they got married in a wedding that paralyzed Latin America, as it was one of the first to be broadcast on television.

On Saturday, June 25, 1994, they starred in a Mexican wedding that was seen by millions of viewers. Biby Gaytán fulfilled her dream as if it were a soap opera.

But from then on, she decided to leave the stage and dedicate herself body and soul as a wife and mother of Eduardo Jr., Ana Paula, Alejandra and the twins Manuel and Daniel, born in 2014.

A few years ago, Eduardo and Biby returned to television for the reality show “La Academia” on TV Azteca, but then she stopped appearing again.

Nevertheless, The curiosity of the public to know details of his family life has always endured. It was even speculated that they would star in a reality show Kardashian style. Perhaps that interest in family was what kept the spark burning around Biby’s career and why people didn’t forget her.

And it is that for years they have faced the rumor that Eduardo is very jealous and does not allow him to work, a version that they have not tired of denying.

“Biby’s bill was never endorsed by anyone. A human being is not owned by anyone, he is completely independent. 25 years ago we decided to carry out a life project, criticized by some, applauded by others, but at the end of the day the ones who have to be happy are us,” Eduardo Capetillo told the press.

But in 2019, Biby Gaytán resurfaced to star in the musical ‘Chicago’ and it surprised absolutely everyone. Even Lola Cortés, an iron judge of the medium and a monster of musical theater, recognized Biby’s great talent.

“After so many years. I comment like this, I’m very rude, I turned around and told my mother, Good thing this lady wasn’t in the kitchen? Well, what did this time do? My mom would say ‘Oh, Dolores, she got ready’. I know, I never imagined them together, but God, who is so great and life so true, put them on stage to create magic.”

With her talent, Biby Gaytán reactivated her career with the best praise, but also opened the door to her private life a bit.

What for years the public wanted to see, now they have it in the youtube channel of the actress who exceeds 300 thousand subscribers.

There she shares recipes, personal moments and even interviews with her husband, Eduardo Capetillo.

Her beauty is still intact and she even shows off her face without makeup:

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