How is Patricia Sarán today, the 80s model who had an affair with Arjona and Luis Miguel

When the name of Patricia Saran, the most veteran will immediately remember the sensual advertisement for the Jordache jean, which was recorded in a simple ascent and left everyone breathless. Today, at 61, he knows that he remembers her for that video, but he is far from seeing it as something negative.

“When the advertisement for the jean Jordache of the promotion came out, I had already worked with Gerardo Sofovich for two years on TV. What happened is that I exploded there, but I had already done almost ninety advertisements before, here in Argentina and around the world. In fact, I produced that commercial,” he recalled. Patricia Saran in conversation with La Nación.

The actress always knew how to protect the privacy of her private life. So much so that she never took advantage of some of her most important romances with ultra-famous musicians, such as Ricardo Arjona and Luis Miguel. “I had very few men in my life, because they did not see me, but the packaging,” she said.

“A few years ago they found out that I went out with Ricardo Arjona and Luis Miguel, but I had not noticed. I never called photographers to get fame. I took care of my privacy. I always went for the artistic, although I know that it sells”, he commented Patricia Saran.

“I met Arjona in Mar del Plata, doing theater with Marta González and Analía Gadé. I liked his music. I didn’t know his figure, how he was physically. One time I was having dinner with my dad and he walked into the restaurant. He approached me, asked me to speak, I didn’t recognize him. He sang me a song. I asked him if he was also a fan of Arjona and he replied: ‘I’m Arjona’. We went out, but I saw what it provoked in the girls and we did not continue, ”he added.

Also, about his affair with Luis Miguel, he revealed: “It was something similar, but I do not want to give details. Once I was in Punta del Este training with Daniel Tangona. Some very strange guys showed up, wearing dark glasses in black vans. Daniela worried about me and wanted to leave. It was Luis Miguel who came to see me surrounded by bodyguards, for me it was natural, he did not magnify it ”.