How is Romina Pereiro after the messages published by Rial from Los Angeles

The separation of Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro is the subject that everyone has been talking about for days (it gave an impasse to China Suárez and the entire Wandagate, luckily). Although rumors of a strong crisis in the couple began months ago, they only confirmed it a few weeks ago. And it was the former host of “Intruders” who announced it on his Radio 10 program, Argenzuela.

Jorge admitted that the pandemic hit them hard and, for reasons he did not want to reveal, they decided to “end love”. However, on more than one occasion Rial stated that everything “is fine” between them and that they ended up on the best of terms. He even said that they ate pizzas as a family, days ago. But there is a fact that marks “something”: the conflict over divorce is not moving anywhere.