how is the family business that he put together for his success

The Leonardo Favio impersonator in ‘My name is’, whose first name is Sergio Moscoso, was one of the most successful participants in the program, to the point that in the end jokes arose about the amount of money he earned.

The impact of the Bogotá artist has allowed him, after his appearance in the Canal Caracol singing contest, to have the doors open to appear in multiple places along with other talents of the current edition.

That success has also become the opportunity to integrate his family in this space, including his older sister, with whom he shares a passion for the musical vein.

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Leonardo Favio, from ‘My name is’: how is the family business that he put together

Sergio Moscoso, who brought Leonardo Favio back to life in ‘My name is’, has presented through his character’s Instagram account the way in which he has organized members of his family in this music business.

Moscoso opened the space for his sister María Paz to make artistic presentations with him, in addition to the fact that his brother Juan Daniel is the interpreter’s manager.

In fact, on the poster for the next events in Popayán, Ibagué, Pereira, Armenia, Cali, Bogotá and Palmira, the Leonardo Favio impersonator will be together with María Paz, who is as a guest artist.

This was a publication in which the singer took the opportunity to promote the artistic career of his sister, one of those who has been supported in his family thanks to his success.