How is the house of Chalino Sanchez in Paramount California

Chalino Sanchez He was one of the greatest regional Mexican artists, considered a legend and almost 30 years after his death, we remember the house where he lived in California.

It was on May 16, 1992 that the musical guild mourned the death of the so-called ‘King of Corrido’to this day his followers keep his memory alive and visit the house in which he lived, which belongs to Mrs. Marisela Vallejoshis widow.

The house is located in the city of Paramount, in California, it has a single floor and its construction dates back to 1955, so the finishes are from that time.

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Although some of the fans have shared how the house looks from the outside Chalino Sanchezthis content has been removed from social networks, possibly to continue to maintain a bit of privacy for the family, who still live at that address.

This is what Chalino Sánchez’s house looks like in California; almost 30 years after his death. Photo: Google Maps

It is thanks to Google Maps that there is a record of what the house located in Paramount, California looks like, in addition, through various media specialized in the sale of real estate, it is known that the property had a cost of 115 thousand dollarsalthough this data is from December 18, 1986, which is when the property had been sold for the last time.

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Since then, the house has not been put up for sale on the market, so it is estimated that if the widow of the singer of regional mexicanDoña Marisela, could sell it for around 700 thousand dollars.

The house is a single story, but it has brick walls and a chimney, it has a red roof with a small white fence, its extension is 155,6126 square meters, in addition to having four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The property also has a hall, kitchen, dining room, main room, a laundry room and even an attic, in addition, outside it has a 0.11 acre lot, green areas and a pavement area where visitors can park. .

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