How is the woman with whom Piqué would have been unfaithful to Shakira?

MADRID SPAIN.- The alleged infidelity of the footballer Gerard Piqué Shakira has made noise in the last hours and many wonder who is the third in discord? In this article we tell you what is known about it.

The information was released on Wednesday through the ‘Mamarazzis’ podcast, which is carried out by Spanish journalists Lorraine Vasquez Y Laura Fa.

This Thursday, various media such as El Periodíco de Barcelona reported through an article that the woman with whom the player would have been unfaithful to Shakira is “a blonde in her 20s. She is studying and works as an event hostess”.

It is worth mentioning that event hostess refers to a protocol model or hostess.

According to the communicators, in recent weeks the player had been visiting nightclubs with his friends. “He has been seen accompanied by other women,” said the journalist.

Although a definitive separation has not yet been confirmed, it has emerged that the couple is facing one of their worst moments to such an extent that the Barcelona defender went to live on his bachelor’s day.

Until now, it is unknown since when the interpreter of “Loba” found out about the betrayal, however, it is estimated that more information will emerge in the coming days.

Internet users questioned Piqué's decision not to get married, despite having a nice family.