how it was completely uncovered after removing the biopolymers

“La Segura” underwent a medical procedure to remove the biopolymers from her body, which caused health complications. When she reappeared in the middle of the recovery process, she said she felt happy with her.

The “influencer” has sought to expose the dangers of this material in the human body, used for cosmetic surgeries. Because of that, she had shown her figure after taking it off.

However, now the young woman went further to fully exhibit how she was left after that operation with the intention of carrying that message through her social networks.

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‘La Segura’: how it was uncovered after the biopolymers were removed

The content creator presented through her personal Instagram account, where she has more than 8.1 million followers, a photograph of her in which she uncovered herself.

“Survivor”, wrote ‘La Segura’ in the publication that after an hour on the air reached more than 480,000 positive reactions and more than 10,000 comments.

Among the people who left her a voice of encouragement were the model Sara Uribe and the “influencers” Luisa Fernanda W and “Dani Duke”, among others, who praised her for her image.

“That photo needs a white horse and that’s it,” joked the content creator ‘El Mindo’, a friend of the young woman, who added in his message: “The hard one is back.”