How many children does Juan Diego Covarrubias want? He already has a baby but he wants more… much more

Juan Diego Covarrubias Last year he got what he always wanted: to be a dad. But now he has discovered that the baby in his arms is not enough: he wants more children.

“She is a super well-behaved baby, she is not contraceptive at all, quite the opposite; we are delighted with her”, says the actor, who is married to Renata Haro since last year, in August, the date on which their daughter was also baptized.

Now, at one year and five months, the baby is about to have siblings. At least that is the couple’s plan, which coincides in that but not in the number of children they want.

“I was born to be a dad, I sign it with blood; I have many nephews and with them I was able to live the experience of learning to change diapers and prepare the bottle. So now with my daughter I do it with pleasure. Being a dad is better than I ever imagined.”

Covarrubiaswho can currently be seen on television with the comedy “Frozen Rent” (which is in its fourth season), is sure that this impulse to want to be a father comes from the love he experienced as a child.

“I was a very loved son. I had a very happy childhood. And now, being a dad allows me to give back some of that love that I received,” she says.

Regarding the number of children you are going to have with Renata Haro, Juan Diego he explains that they are still negotiating it.

“I want three but she wants five. But hey, one thing is to want and another is to be able. The truth is that we are already looking for a little brother for our baby, hopefully very soon we can break the news.”