How many grandchildren did Diego Maradona have in total?

Diego Maradona He starred in very controversial moments during his life. Although in football he always received the applause of his fans, in his personal life he had to face several conflicts. Do you know how many children and grandchildren did the soccer star have?

For a long time he shared his life with Claudia Villafañe, who was his first love and his wife. Together they formed a beautiful family, which is made up of Dalma and Gianinna. The two women in his life.

However, while he was married he also met other women. Several children of the soccer star were born from these romances, who were slow to be recognized and lived in the shadows for a long time.

Although there was always controversy regarding the heirs of the technical director, the truth is that Maradona He shared the last years of his life with them. They managed to form a bond and a family.