How many surgeries has Adamari López had?

After having overcome an aggressive breast cancer, the renowned host Adamari López surprised her audience with a notorious physical change and in light of this, many speculate on the idea that the presenter of Hoy Día underwent cosmetic surgeries that helped her achieve her goals.

Every time she has the opportunity, the Puerto Rican denies that she has undergone any intervention, however, some sources assure that an Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve was placed, with which the stomach shrinks, thus making the person eat less food. But regarding these versions, Adamari revealed to the press: “I have not had any bariatric surgery, it is not in my plans” .

Regarding the serious illness she went through, Toni Costa’s ex did have to undergo surgery to remove her left breast (where the tumor was detected). This action is known as mastectomy and is one of the most used mechanisms worldwide in the fight against cancer.

López told several times that having been a cancer patient made her discover the immense value of life and gave her the strength she has today. In fact, after healing from her, she divorced Luis Fonsi and that was an equally hard blow for the actress.