How many times has Fey been married?

Fey sang love many times and apparently her life is a reflection of this because she was encouraged to marry three times, something that is not very common among her colleagues.

The Mexican married for the first time with fellow artist Mauri Stern (who was her representative at the time). But according to what she told Yordi Rosado in an interview, he “It was very important at a professional level”, although personally they failed to forge a strong bond.

Federico Traeger was the second husband of the interpreter of “Azúcar Amargo” and although almost nothing is known about him, the “Fame” medium explained in a note that this young man got tired “of living a farce, of being with someone indifferent”. In this case it seems that Fey failed to fall in love either.

As they say out there “There are no two without three” and on September 4, 2010 the singer married Alonso Orozco, the man who was undoubtedly the most important to her. However, they divorced, this time due to an alleged infidelity.

The artist has a girl named Isabella Orozco Blázquez, who was born from her last marriage. She is 11 years old and for a long time she was away from the cameras, until her own mother decided to expose her.

He is 49 years old. She was born on July 21, 1973 in Mexico City, where she currently lives.

Although the figure is not official, according to what the Net Worth Post reports, he has a net worth of $12 million.

Throughout his career he released six studio albums, two live, one tribute and nine compilations, which had good sales results.