How much are Belinda’s boots in “Welcome to Eden”?

MADRID SPAIN.- After several years of staying away from the cameras and after his breakup with Christian Nodalthe singer Belinda reappeared in the new Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”.

starring in the role of Africaa popular influencer, the green-eyed from the first chapter stole everyone’s eyes for her outfits and the colorful boots she used on the beach.

In the images, the young woman, played by Beli, decides to attend a party on a secret island, but because of her extravagant style, she decides to wear a unique and striking outfit.

The singer wore a pink dress and a lilac teddy coat, however the highlight was the high heeled boots that reached the knee.

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The boots, which are part of the personal collection of the Spanish actress, are from the German designer Philipp Plein that have a cost of 27,800 dollars (680,405 lempiras).

The shoes are exclusive and are only manufactured in sizes 35 to 42. In addition, the designer provides a certificate of guarantee and authenticity of the materials used to create each piece.

This shoe drew so much attention that it was also part of the story and became a feature of the character. He, well, he never took off his shoes and walked through the sand with them.