How much did Lis Vega’s OnlyFans cost?

Lis Vega is one of the many celebrities who decided to venture into the world of erotic content through OnlyFans, a platform that allows you to see exclusive images through subscription payment.

The Cuban vedette who arrived in Mexico in 1997 and managed to make a name for herself thanks to producers such as Juan Osorio and Eugenio Derbez, opted for this new format but finally abandoned it and recently explained the reasons.

The monthly subscription to see his hot photographic productions cost 20 dollars; however it is no longer available as Vega decided to step aside and continue with other projects.

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, the actress and dancer explained the reasons that led her to make this decision: “It went very well, I earned 11 thousand dollars the first month, I never forget, I think that with 4 photos a month But the next month there were already 10, the next month there were 6 and it started to go down, and they asked me for more, and that was already pornography. Of 300 who entered, I had 50 later, “he said.

“They sent me a tip of 10 dollars and that’s why they wanted me to send them a little more,” he added, explaining that the job began to require him to stay until 2 in the morning even.

In this sense, Vega indicated that she did not want to fall into pornographic content because “I knew that I was going to return to my career as an actress and I knew that I had to take care of the content, so I uploaded photos like Playboy.”

On the other hand, Vega criticized that the page “wasn’t that safe” as there were unpublished OnlyFans photos of her on Twitter.