How much do the actors of Welcome to Eden earn?

After a long wait, the public can now enjoy “Welcome to Eden”, the new Netflix youth series, a company that paid important salaries to the protagonists.

Although there is no official figure on what the actors received, taking into account that with La Casa de Papel (another successful production of the platform) its main figures received the hefty figure of 100 thousand dollars per chapter (El Comercio), surely the protagonists of this production will receive a significant amount of money.

Another example of how Netflix pays artists is that of Hilary Swank, who was part of the series Away and therefore received $400,000 per episode, according to El Tiempo.

In addition, considering that Belinda is part of Welcome to Eden, a celebrity as popular as her is known to receive a good sum of money for each presentation, especially if it is to return her to the world of acting.

The story that premiered this May 6 revolves around a group of influencers who are invited to the launch party of an energy drink. But what seemed to be just another night for them, becomes a before and after in their lives, since it will encourage them to seek happiness while inhabiting a mysterious island.