How much does Daddy Yankee earn per concert?

Daddy Yankee is undoubtedly the greatest reference in reggaeton worldwide and that is why he is the one who earns the most money per concert, compared to his colleagues.

According to information provided by the newspaper El Tiempo, the Puerto Rican receives an average of one million dollars for each presentation he performs live. And although this figure may have certain variations (mainly depending on the number of people who attend each show), it is undoubtedly very high and makes his fortune grow notoriously.

The interpreter of hits like Gasolina and Limbo has more than 45 million followers on Instagram, 36 million listeners on his Spotify lists and a YouTube channel with almost 37 million subscribers. These goals, so difficult to achieve for today’s artists, are something common for those who knew how to take the urban genre to the highest level.

A short time ago Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (as his real name is) confirmed his retirement from music with his album Legendaddy and according to what he himself told in a video made for his fans, more than 30 years of career were enough for him, since he managed to meet all his objectives.

Once out of the industry, he will dedicate himself to his family, traveling and enjoying his extensive heritage, built on the basis of effort and talent.