How much does Divided charge for a concert

According to data from the Municipality of Neuquén, divided charges a total of 7 million 500 thousand pesos plus VAT for each of its concerts. These figures represent more than double the cache that the band led by Ricardo Mollo had about 3 years ago.

Ricardo Mollo, Catriel Ciavarella and Diego Arnedo: Divided, the rock steamroller.

Divided and the figure he charged for his presentation at the last Confluence Party

At the beginning of this year, the Municipality of Neuquén organized the Fiesta de la Confluencia, a show that was characterized by being free (for the public, but not for the organizers). It was attended by artists such as Tini Stoessel, Coti, Kapanga, Damas Gratis, La Vela Puerca and Luciano Pereyra. The band led by Ricardo Mollo was one of the strong points of the event and also one of the most anticipated by the rock audience.