How much Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have saved is revealed

mary kate and ashley olsen with their brand the row

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    The Olsen twins, that is, Mary Kate and Ashley OlsenThey have been working since they were months old. If you are a ‘millennial’ born in the early 90s, you may vaguely remember the ‘Forced Parents’ series, but you will certainly have all the movies that the sisters made when they were teenagers, as well as the series ‘So little time’, fiction that narrated his adventures in the ‘insti’ and his life in Malibu. A fantasy that inspired many when it came to creating two-thousand-year ‘lookazos’ (which, by the way, have returned, list here 20 trending summer tops) and make us surfer waves in our hair and Californian highlights (which are also ‘in’ , check out highlights for summer 2022), among other things. Anyway.

    The point is that years ago both left the world of interpretation to enter the world of fashion with their signature TheRow (in 2006, specifically) and Elizabeth and James (in 2007), and they have not set foot on a film set again because, as they have commented on several (rare) occasions, they do not want to do it again.

    Even so, all that television and film past provided them with a good ‘cushion’, which has been increasing over the years thanks to the success of their signatures. Now, the ‘site’ ‘Celebrity Networth’ has calculated how much money they have saved and the figure is such that we recommend you not continue reading if the Treasury has come out to pay you.

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    According to the aforementioned platform, which estimates the income of the richest celebrities, the Olsen twins have saved for years thanks to all the cultural content they created, their company Dualstar Entertainment Group -which came to sell 1 billion dollars (1,000 million) in ‘merchandising’, in the 2000s– and his fashion brands. Calculating your investments and the passage of time, what both accumulate is estimated at 250 million dollars eacha total of 500 million.

    Now enter your bank ‘app’. Okay.

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