How old is Belinda really?

Belinda is a renowned Mexican artist who, thanks to her talent and constant work since she was a child, has managed to establish herself as one of the great Latin stars on the international scene.

The actress and singer continues to grow in her professional career both on stage and in front of the cameras. At 33 years old, she has also been able to monopolize the world of social networks and fashion.

About Belinda’s age, various versions have circulated and that is why doubts have been raised on the Internet, is she really 33 years old? Well, public information indicates that “Beli” was born on August 15, 1989, therefore, yes, but after a photo of her supposed Spanish passport circulated with her date of birth in 1992; The singer’s users and followers began to suspect that she had really increased her age on purpose.

Belinda owns a privileged body and a unique beauty that makes her special and sets her apart from the rest; a beauty that is not only physical but is also distinguished by the way of acting and expressing herself of the model. She has a height of 1.67 m; and weighs about 55 kg.

Belinda has starred in various romances and rumors of romance throughout her life. One of her firsts was the former RBD Christopher Uckermann whom she met during the recordings of Televisa’s “Adventures in Time”; neither confirmed nor denied if something happened between them; but a member of the production company claimed to have seen them. Later, she Belinda was a girlfriend for about 6 months with the businessman Pepe Díaz. It was also said that the artist had a fleeting romance with Maluma. The soccer player Giovani Dos Santos was also Belinda’s boyfriend. Mario Domm, a former member of Camila, also joins the list. Of the most recent and well-known, Lupillo Rivera and Christian Nodal also stand out (both got tattoos in honor of Beli when they were very much in love)

Belinda has a net worth of over $10 million; according to a note published by Us.Marca.

Belinda is the result of the relationship between Belinda Schüll (who left her studies to accompany her daughter to fulfill her dream) and Ignacio Peregrín, a renowned Spanish doctor.

Belinda was born in Madrid, Spain. She, but she has dual nationality: Spanish and Mexican.