How old was she and how did Lali Esposito look in Rincón de luz

Already converted into a consecrated actress and singer, Lali Esposito is about to celebrate 20 years of his first major role on television. The same occurred in light corner and then we tell you how old he was then and share everything there is to know about it. Do not miss the details.

Lali Espósito: all about her participation in Rincón de luz, the Cris Morena series

Born on October 10, 1991, Mariana Esposito, much better known as Lali, knew since she was little that her future was in the world of the arts and, more specifically, in acting and singing. So much so that, in 1998, she had her television debut on the program Caramelito y vos. However, her first prominent role came years later, in 2003, and with the help of light cornerthe series created by Chris Brown that worked as a derivation of Chiquititas.