How Prince Andrew and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson’s marriage fell apart

Andrew & Fergie: Intimate connection despite divorce and abuse scandal

The then seven and six year old daughters Beatrice and eugenie stayed after divorce with her mother. Ferguson thus lost her right to be addressed as “Royal Highness”. The daughters remained in the line of succession. Back then they were fifth and sixth – today they are ninth and eleventh. The equivalent of more than two million euros is said to be “Fergie” at the divorce received, less than a third of which was for themselves. The rest should be held in trust for the children.

Fergie was considered extravagant. At the time of the separation, she was said to have a high mountain of debt – estimates were around three to five million euros. At the time, she hoped to be able to pay off part of the proceeds from her children’s books, it said.

Other methods of paying off the debt attracted more attention. Fergie advertised slimming cures and appeared on television shows, among other things. She also took part in the Vienna Opera Ball. Today, 30 years later, Andrews and “Fergie’s” divorce is hardly a topic in the media coverage. The two should still get along very well and be close to each other despite everything.