How strong, Tábata Jalil received letters written in blood, she remembered how a fan harassed her

A few days ago, Tábata Jalil surprised everyone by remembering the moments of terror she experienced when a fan harassed her, and even revealed that on more than one occasion received letters written in bloodwhich left more than one with their hair on end, how strong.

In a recent participation that she had in the YouTube program ‘La Cotorrisa’, the famous television host was asked about the strangest gift that a fan had given her throughout her career, and to everyone’s surprise, she spoke about a man who sent her letters with blood.

As if that were not enough, the renowned reporter pointed out that this subject I had it well checked through her social networks, as she assured that several times she appeared in the locations that she posted, and despite the fact that she did not approach her, the look from afar.

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“The matter was super crazy, apart from this he was a guy like Stalker, so if you uploaded a story where you were going to be, well, he would appear, very underground and he stared at you, oh, not terrible, terrible!”, he confessed.

Apparently, the alleged stalker had no qualms about sending eccentric gifts to TV Azteca, and Tábata Jalil mentioned that the letters he sent her were written in blood.

“If we had to put a stop to it because, apart from that, he sent entire boxes with gifts and well, with his letters written in blood and he stuck coins, apart from that, access was already prohibited. And how do you know it was blood? Because you could literally see that it was blood, that is, terrible. It had the same funny brown color of the blood, ”he recalled.

When interviewers asked about the content of the letters The famous presenter of Venga la Alegría revealed that her fan told her that he loved her very much, in addition to explaining that the man assured that in another life they had met and were a couple.

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“Well, that he loved me very much that we were something in another life and that because I despised him and that I was going to die and I don’t know what. So I was saying this is a little heavy, ”she said with a nervous laugh. “No, not terror, hey! I did give things away in the office, everything comes from someone and well, each gift also has an energy charge.”

Although Tábata Jalil had to endure these difficult moments for several months, he clarified that the man it doesn’t bother her anymore because he had filed the corresponding complaint with the authorities, which removed the subject once and for all.

“About 9 months and until I said a whole birth, no, we had to resort to the cyber police, I gave the networks of the human who was always harassing me and in Azteca we had to put restrictions and obviously they put a high. Obviously, when this man, whose name was Vera, arrived, they prohibited the entry of packages, ”he concluded.

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