how to avoid paying a fine

From January 2023, owners who have refused to install the Linky meter in their home must pay a fine and penalties. In effect, the Energy Regulation Commission has hardened its tone. If you are one of the refractory to connected meter, know that there is a way to avoid these additional costs. Objeko explains everything in detail in the following lines.

The State wishes to complete the Linky installations despite the many refractories

Today, 35 million households accepted the installation of the Linky meter. But many French people continue to resist. Fearing a remote control and a transmission of all their data, they have still not subscribed to this device. These refractories represent 10% of the population.

Among the justifications given by the latter: the risk of fraud, the deactivation of the signal sent to the hot water tanks between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and the increase in bills following problems connecting the new meters.

If those allergic to the Linky meter advance valid reasons according to them, the State continues its efforts to have the remaining old meters replaced. And in an attempt to speed things up, the Energy Regulatory Commission is considering to apply a fine of 50 euros to all those French people who refuse the installation of the smart meter. And this measure is already being prepared for the month of January. In other words, you only have a few days left to react.

Penalties and fines to convince connected anti-meters

Not long ago, Enedis communicated about this penalty imposed on refractory Linky meters: “From January 1, 2023, Enedis will therefore invoice customers who refuse statements. For an annual amount of 61 euros. Or around 5 euros per month. It is up to them to provide the Enedis group with a self-reading at least once a year”. As you can see, refusing the Linky meter could cost you dearly. In addition, another penalty is planned since from January 1, those who still refuse this installation could be forced to pay 8.48 euros more on each invoice.

Concretely, you can avoid to pay the fine of 61 euros per year if you send a self-report. But beware, Enedis clarified on December 15 that: “despite the sending of written communications and calls… They will be charged metering fees relating to the management of the succession of old generation meters. These costs are of course stopped in the event of the installation of a Linky meter. »

The message is clear, it is better to provide annual statements or agree to install this famous Linky meter to avoid losing money. In addition, by noting your meter’s consumption index yourself, you will be able to to free from the payment of the additional cost. The Energy Regulation Commission has assured this, the transmission of a self-report by customers having refused the Linky counter will waive all fees. So if you are one of the 10% of French people who maintain their refusal, rest assured! You can avoid these unnecessary expenses. Now you know what you have to do.