How to imagine that you are ‘Emily in Paris’ while in Madrid

Confess: did you see season 2 of ‘Emily in Paris’ in one go and have you started 1 again? Well, welcome to the club. The plot of the typical series that you thought would no longer hook you has made you nostalgic for Paris and all you want is to combine patterned clothes and fly to the city of light, eh. Nothing happens, let no one take away your illusion. Not even the flights that are not within reach of your pocket (if you have already looked to see what possibilities you had to go to Paris).

The ‘tiktoker’ @planesconbarbygant has come to the rescue of those of us who need to save a little more to get rid of the travel bug, and has selected 4 plans in Madrid that could not seem more ‘top’ to do on a Saturday, imagining, above all, that we are Emily:

commercial coffee madrid

How to live in Madrid like a Parisian, by @planesconbarbygant


Pay attention and write down these directions. Gabriel, ‘you are invited’!

  1. commercial coffee (Glorieta de Bilbao, 7): have breakfast, a very warm ‘coffee au lait’ with a good ‘croissant’, you are already in Paris.
  2. Stroll through the center and stop to admire or buy flowers at any of the shops in Monceau Fleurs (C. de Alberto Aguilera, 13; C. de Velázquez, 89; C. de Dulcinea, 69…).
  3. Have some wines and cheeses in The Franchuteria (C. de Vallehermoso, 52), ‘la vie est belle’.
  4. end the day in L’Entrecote Cafe de Paris (C. del Conde de Aranda, 11), tasting any delicacy from their French menu or their star dish, the entrecote, in a chic bistro setting with burgundy leather and large windows.
    1. You dare? Press ‘play’ on ‘tiktok’, which is already viral, to see everything in motion, oh là là! (By the way, little things about season 3 of Emily in Paris are already known, check them out here):

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