How to know if a couple is for life?

Love is one of the most wonderful, mysterious and unpredictable fields that the human being experiences throughout life. It is a powerful force that attracts two people and invites them to walk hand in hand, going through the best and worst moments of their existence.

There are all kinds of love stories and each couple is a world, since it depends on the personalities and the agreements that are established between the protagonists to carry out a relationship. And there is a question that is raised many times: Is there love for life? How do I know if my partner is forever?

Love will last as long as it has to last. There are couples who manage to live a life together, and others who simply complete a cycle, and that is not why they deprived themselves of feeling love. Time is relative, the important thing is the experience and living happy and healthy moments with the other person. Well, it’s no use lasting “a lifetime” if you find yourself in a toxic relationship, for example.

The first stage of love is falling in love; that strong attraction towards the other where the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin rise, but that is temporary; does not last more than three years. Then comes the stage of commitment, where values ​​such as loyalty, empathy, companionship, and mutual support come into play. Finally, if the relationship does not work because of different ways of thinking or because of the routine without going any further, the breakup arrives.

Although each story is unique, we can affirm that if there is sincere love, any adversity can be overcome; although it is not an easy task. Love is a day-to-day construction, and choosing oneself despite everything is the challenge.