how was it hit and fall from winner to best video novel

The last award of the night at the India Catalina was marked by controversy and a very hard blow to one of the women who went up to the stage to receive the award.

‘Emma Reyes, the footprint of childhood’ was chosen as the best telenovela or series, prevailing over La Nieta Elegida and La Reina del Flow 2.

The entire production team of this novel that was broadcast on Señal Colombia went on stage to receive this award, but the emotion of one of them was so great that she went to the floor of the stage as soon as she reached the top.

Although there were several men and women who ascended to this place to receive the statuette in different awards, this person was the only one who had an accident that seems to be serious.

just fell down, the woman touched her nose and some of her companions came to her aid to help her get up and that the medical services present in this place attend to her.

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Video of the fall at the India Catalina Awards

So far, the health status of this woman is not known, since the ceremony continued and They no longer focused on her during the broadcast they made on Señal Colombia this Sunday night.