How were the new Challenge teams; ‘gamma’ disappeared; maleja lost

The reorganization occurred after the captains Test, in which the 3 strongest women on the side competed to keep their respective house standing.

It was a strength challenge on a mud track in which The Olympic wrestler Andrea Carolina Olaya, better known as ‘Valkyria’, prevailed. member of ‘beta’ and who won a prize of 10 million pesos.

The second place went to the llanera basketball player Karina Rojas, representing ‘alpha’.

Meanwhile, the popularMaleja’ Sanchez was last wasting too much time felling a log and doomed ‘gamma’ to extinction.

Her defeat led her to end up crying in the middle of the track, so ‘Valkyria’ went for her and carried her to the finish line.

Consequently, ‘beta’ and ‘alpha’ were left standing with ‘Valkyria’ and Karina at the helm, respectively.

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How were the new teams of the ‘Challenge’

With the elimination of ‘gamma’, the captains of ‘beta’ and ‘alpha’ chose the competitors one by one for their respective lists.

  • ‘Beta’
    ‘Valkyrie’ (continued)
    ‘Ceta’ (continued)
    ‘Maleja’ Sánchez (ex ‘gamma’)
    Moses Sanmartin (continued)
    Karol Yela (former ‘alpha’)
    Samir Reveiz (continued)
    Grecia Gutierrez (ex ‘gamma’)
    Creole Neider (ex ‘gamma’)
  • ‘alpha’
    Karina Rojas (continued)
    Carlos Oquendo (continued)
    ‘Alexa’ Rodriguez (continued)
    ‘Tarzan’ (continued)
    ‘Dani’ Camargo (former ‘beta’)
    Juan Pablo Casallas (ex ‘gamma’)
    Emily Múnera (ex ‘gamma’)
    Duván Niño (ex ‘gamma’)

With the new distribution, the famous ‘Tarzan’ was dissatisfied with his new companions considering that their captain chose weak competitors like ‘Dani’ and Emily.