HPI: this funny scene between Morgane and Karadec which set fire to the Web

A scene in season 2 of HPI broadcast this Thursday, June 9, 2022 on TF1 has capsized the hearts of internet users. During a moment of intimacy, Morgane and Karadec began a long frantic dance.

It’s instinctive, some people are made to get along. This is the case for the two main characters of the series HPI, Morgane and Karadec – played respectively by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou. From the first season, their duo wreaked havoc with viewers. What to make the main interested party react in TV 7 days. What I wanted was to rediscover the enthusiasm I had when I watched, as a child, moonlight, the 80s series starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. The pair operated on frustration. The series collapsed when the heroes got together” she said.

If we believe the words of the companion of Djibril Glissant, the love story seems almost impossible. “It is very beautiful, a love story between two people who will never get along. The challenge is to put a spoke in their wheels and maintain the love tension” she adds before concluding: “A couple that constantly misses each other, the public loves it“.

“Too much chemistry between them. They will end up as a couple if this continues”

And one of the episodes of season 2 broadcast this Thursday, June 9 on TF1 responded to the desire of the public. Morgane and Karadec who continue to investigate together have found themselves in the apartment of the pretty redhead. The duo started dancing to the delight of Internet users. “Dance of Morgana and Karadec. Too much chemistry between them. They will end up as a couple if this continues“, “Morgane and Karadec dancing together… It’s too much for our hearts“, “This dance”, “We talk, we talk but I don’t seriously rely on the dance scene there omg”, “THE DANCE SCENE I SCREAM!!!! There’s only Karadec to cheer up Morgane in real life, that’s the most beautiful thing” we could read on Twitter. Viewers may have eyes that shine, a love story is being written…

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/hpi-cette-drole-de-scene-entre-morgane-et-karadec-qui-a-mis-le-feu-a-la-toile-731215