Hugh Jackman begs Academy Awards not to nominate Ryan Reynolds: ‘It would make my life unbearable’

When the whole world thought that Wolverine fearless, Hugh Jackman confessed his worst nightmare for 2023: Ryan Reynolds getting an Oscar nomination for the film’s song Spirited.

A notorious prankster, Hugh Jackman posted a video on Twitter in which he begs the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences not to “to validate“the appointment of the interpreter of Dead Pool: “Hi everyone. It’s 2023 and I really wanted to send a positive message at the start of the year but recent events have made that impossible.“The actor fears that his friend will take the big head even more. Full of the second degree, he continues: “I loved the movie, the whole family watched it, and the song is awesome, but Ryan Reynolds’ nomination would make this year unbearable. I have to spend a year with him on the set. Believe me, it would be impossible.”

The two actors are longtime friends and frequently make fun of each other on social media. Among the most memorable pranks, a Christmas party at which Ryan Reynolds was the only guest in a Christmas sweater… The fault of Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

We can easily guess that the true intentions of the 54-year-old actor are much more honorable. With this video, he gives visibility to the song and helps his friends when the voting for the nominations begins. Also, the actor would be breaking Academy campaign rules if he told voters not to vote for a movie.

It remains to be seen if the publicity stunt worked on January 24th. Date on which the Academy will announce the nominations.