Hugo Manos: his tender allusion to his darling, Laurent Ruquier, on the set of TPMP People

This Saturday, May 21, Hugo Manos was present on the set of TPMP People. The columnist took advantage of his visit to make a nice allusion to his darling, the host Laurent Ruquier.

A happy couple. Since 5 years, Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos live a beautiful love story. In an interview with Jordan De Luxe on the show At Jordan’s, the TPMP People columnist returned to his meeting with the host. “In fact, he sent me a message on Instagram asking me for more information on the practice of electrostimulation, since I have sports centers. We discussed about that. I think he spotted the beast. It was a way to get in touch”had confided the columnist.

After exchanging several messages, Laurent Ruquier finally decided to move up a gear with the handsome 33-year-old sports coach. “He offered me a funny dinner the next day. I took a taxi, I went to an address without really knowing where I was going, and I found myself at Line Renaud’s, with Jeanfi Janssens, Vincent Dedienne and other guests!”, continued Hugo Manos. And since this famous dinner, the two men have never left each other. Both now no longer hesitate to post videos and photos together on social networks. They now know each other by heart, and so when Benjamin Castaldi launched the sequence “Who said that ?” in the show TPMP People this Saturday, May 21, Hugo Manos instantly recognized a sentence uttered by his companion.

Hugo Manos: “This Laurent is strong”

Indeed, in the game proposed by the host, the columnists had to guess which personality had pronounced certain sentences. And at some point, they had to find the person behind these words: “We are also lucky to have Aya Nakanamura on this set”. It did not take long for Hugo Manos to recognize the words of Laurent Ruquier, held on the set of Children of TV. When he realized that he had scratched the name of Aya Nakamura, the facilitator had burst out laughing. “It seems that I did not know how to say Aya Nakamura, but that is what I said, do not be in bad faith”, he had replied to one of his guests. After the broadcast of this sequence, Hugo Manos made a tender allusion to the subject of his darling. He always manages to catch up, he is very strong […] I think he reacted well, this Laurent is strong”, assured the columnist. A lovely statement.


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