Hugo Manos in a relationship with Laurent Ruquier despite a very large age gap: he responds to criticism

Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos have been together for years. But it was not until February 2022 that they formalized their relationship. Their significant age gap, 26 years, caused many negative reactions on social networks. A subject on which the Franco-Greek influencer, 33, returned to the show Chez Jordan.

“As soon as a couple denotes, by the age difference or totally different profiles, the favorite attack of Internet users is to find an interest or a strategy”, lamented Hugo Manos. When he is attacked, even insulted by Internet users, the influencer tries to respond with humor: “I make videos of ironic answers, otherwise I often block people or piss them off, he continues. Yeah, fuck people who aren’t happy. It’s not their life, it’s mine, ours. We’re happy and that’s what matters.”

The TPMP columnist confided in his relationship with the famous presenter, stating that he initially had no particular attraction for men older than him: “It was something new for me (…) Afterwards, honestly, I find that Laurent is someone who gets better with age, I found him attractive. And intellectually, I need to be stimulated. We share a lot of similar values. We understand each other. It was instantaneous.”